Available Options for Precast Concrete

TrueCrete's high performance design has many advantages that set us apart from the rest and allows our customers the ability to truly custom design each piece.


Concrete can be dyed in a wide array of colors, this gives our customers total control when designing that perfect space.

  • Unlimited colors to choose from.
  • Choose one of TrueCrete's 10 stock colors.
  • Solid color or multi-colored styles
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Glazing is the process of applying concrete stain to a piece.

  • Apply to all styles of concrete in thin or thick coats.
  • Thin applications tint or enhance the color.
  • Thinner applications look great with solid color styles.
  • Thick applications give a much more drastic variation in color.
  • Thicker applications enhance the pits and veins of textured concrete.


Give your new piece of precast concrete a unique look by inlaying certain objects.

  • Incorporate your backsplash with your countertops by inlaying tile into the concrete.
  • Make your counter space more functional by inlaying metal trivets in useful spots for hot objects.
  • Inlay company logos for commercial applications.
  • Other possible inlays include: coins, watches, seashells, stones, stenciling and scroll patterns.

Three Dimensional

Most solid surfaces are manufactured in slabs, which leaves you with a two dimensional product. Concrete can be formed in any shape or size.

  • Concrete countertops, concrete fireplace surrounds and concrete furniture have the ability to be three dimensional.
  • Concrete countertops and vanity tops allow for a seamless edge (regardless the thickness).
  • Incorporate integral concrete sinks, drain boards, cutting boards, fruit bowls, and towel bars into your countertops.
  • Integral sinks allow for freedom and flexibility to design a vanity top with more creativity.
  • Allows for unlimited design and customization of fireplace surrounds or concrete furniture.

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