Maintenance & Care

TrueCrete Crafts Durable Products with a Long Lasting & Functional Finish.

When using precast concrete in your home or business it is important to understand how to care and maintain each piece to ensure a beautiful long lasting finish.

Maintenance for High Performance Concrete

Every piece is delivered sealed and ready for use; however for the first four weeks the sealer is still reacting with the concrete and continuing to cure. During this stage it is important to treat your tops with extra care, mainly keeping the tops wiped up after each use.

Once the concrete has past the four week period it is ready for normal use. Concrete is very similar to natural marble. It is more soft and porous than granite, but with a little care it will stay as beautiful as the day it was installed. The main key to ensure a flawless finish is keeping things wiped up that are acidic, high in vinegar, and oils. You can spill any of these substances on your concrete without causing any damage but you don’t want to leave it sit for real long periods of time.

Our high performance concrete is very durable, but as with many natural stones, it is recommended that you use hot plates and cutting boards. Never stand on your concrete, always use a step ladder for reaching any high spots.

When cleaning concrete you want to use mild cleanser. Do not use any ammonia, bleach or abrasive cleansers. Use a soft clean cloth, never anything aggressive or with a rough texture.

Resealing High Performance Concrete

Concrete may eventually need to be re-sealed depending on what application your concrete is being used for. Any outdoor application should be re-sealed every year. Anything indoors depends on level of abuse each particular piece takes, but within 5-10 years it is recommended to have concrete re-sealed.

Concrete being used in high traffic and heavy use areas you may also use a marble polish to give concrete and extra layer of protection. If you choose to apply a polish to your concrete, wait until 6 weeks after it was installed to do so.

TrueCrete is not responsible for any damage caused by applying any polish.

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