Precast Concrete Frequently Asked Questions

How is your concrete different from construction grade concrete?
TrueCrete uses a designed system of admixtures, colors and sealers, all working together to provide the highest performing concrete imaginable. Traditional construction grade concrete has very little in common with our high performance concrete in terms of strength and durability. Our concrete surpasses traditional concrete when it comes to looks an functionality. Interior Concrete produces a very practical, functional, and beautiful product for your home or business.
How do I maintain my concrete?
When cleaning your concrete product we recommend using warm water and soap or a non-abrasive cleaner with a soft cloth. An excellent cleaning product that we like is Simple Green.
Can my concrete crack?
Under normal wear and tear, your piece of concrete should never crack. Concrete has received a bad reputation for cracking. This is due to inexperienced fabricators who do not properly mix or cure the product. The concrete we produce is known as “GFRC” which stands for Glass fiber reinforced concrete. This is coupled with three other chemicals that produce a very high strength piece of concrete and under normal conditions should never fail.
Will my concrete stain?
We use two reactive based penetrating sealers that will give you the protection you need without obstructing the feel or look that you typically get from topical sealers. Since this sealer is reactive it takes about 30 days for it to be at full strength, therefore, after installation is completed we recommend that our customers be gentle with the use of our product for 4 to 6 weeks. What we mean by being gentle is that you keep spills wiped up and do not scrub them aggressively. Just use a soft cloth with mild soapy water. After 4 to 6 week period you will be left with a very functional piece of concrete.
Can I cut and prepare food on my concrete countertop?
As with any countertop surface, you should never cut directly on your concrete surface. This can damage the sealer and cause future failure.
Can I place hot pots or pans on my concrete counter?
You should always use a hot pad or trivets for pots and pans. The concrete can withstand extreme heat but using standard kitchen countertop practices will ensure a long life to your concrete product.
How much does your concrete weigh?
At TrueCrete, we use multiple styles of concrete with different weight to all of them, however, or heaviest style is comparable to other stone surfaces and standard cabinets will be fine without additional support.
What type of sink should I use in my kitchen or bath?
You can use any style of sink in your kitchen or bath. You may also have Interior Concrete create a concrete integral sink. Whatever sink you do chose we will need your sink and faucet upon templating which we will take to our shop to ensure an accurate fit. All sinks and faucets will be returned upon delivery of your concrete countertops.
What is the maximum length and overhang for your concrete countertops?
Our typical over hang maximum is 12”, however, there is no standard and will depend on the weight and shape of your piece, the amount of support in the cabinets or base, and access to the project site.
Can you create custom colors for your products?
One big advantage to concrete is the availability of colors. You can customize a color to match any décor. However, there is a custom color charge for making samples.

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