TrueCrete Strives to Be an Environmentally Friendly Company

Environmentally friendly products are becoming more and more popular as consumers look to help keep our planet clean.

TrueCrete is proud to offer a product that is Earth friendly.

Other solid surface materials are made of plastic, engineered quartz materials contain a synthetic resin binder and granite, along with marble, are non renewable resources. Concrete is a product that can be used in many different applications to help our customers who are looking to “go green.”

Our concrete is produced with low cement content.

Cement is a high energy product to produce so it is important to limit as much as possible from our mix designs. We also use a type of concrete referred to as “GFRC”, which stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete. This mix allows us to make our concrete substantially thinner in many cases, which also allow us to reduce the amount of material used in each piece.

Along with this we also have a very refined mix designed that allows us to make just enough concrete for each piece and limits the amount of waste. Concrete is also formed to size, whereas most other solid surfaces are made in slabs and pieces or cut out of them. This makes for a lot of waste that concrete has little to nothing of.

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