Concrete Pool Decks

Concrete Pool Deck Installation & Replacement

It’s not the water that makes the pool. Getting that memorable, inviting pool depends on putting the right pieces around the water.

Concrete pool decks can help you get that perfect centerpiece for your backyard landscape.

Our concrete artisans will help to ensure you a safer, cooler walking surface—and a remarkably beautiful pool—all year long.

Paired with your imagination, concrete's versatility, and TrueCrete's experience the possibilities are endless when forming your new concrete patio to any shape or size. Choose from a wide variety of colors to make your pool deck even more unique.

Concrete Finishes

Customize the look of your new concrete pool deck with one of these finishes:

  • Straight Broom Finish
  • Broom Swirl Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Stamped Concrete
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Concrete Pool Copings

Give your pool deck an accent border or a continuous look straight to the water's edge. Concrete pool copings add even more appeal to your pool deck with multiple color and edge options that will top off any pool perfectly.

Concrete Pool Deck Patterns

Using one of many different concrete patterns you can give your pool deck an awesome look that will provide you safe, slip resistant surface that will be great for entertaining friends and family. These patterns also give our customers a chance to save money without sacrificing looks.

TrueCrete Will Help You Every Step of the Way.

Not only do we want to ensure that you have a great looking pool deck, but we want to make sure that it functions properly as well.

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