Concrete Floors

Concrete Garage & Basement Floor Installation

TrueCrete pours, replaces and repairs concrete floors for garages and basements.

Whether you own a home or are planning on building a new home, your garage and basement floors will be finished with concrete.

As a homeowner you need assurance that your floors will be poured properly with piece of mind they are structurally sound.

At TrueCrete, not only are we able to deliver beautiful looking concrete floors, but we also take great pride in making sure you have a structurally sound garage or basement floor that will last.

Concrete Finishes

Customize the look of your new concrete floor with one of these finishes:

  • Straight Broom Finish
  • Broom Swirl Finish
  • Exposed Aggregate
  • Stamped Concrete
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Our Concrete Floor Pouring Process

TrueCrete finishes all concrete garage and basement floors with a slick trowel finish. We use trowel machines for a higher quality finish. This type of finish leaves the concrete with a subtle color variation that looks beautiful. This type of finish can be stained and polished to enhance the color and different tones within the concrete.

Garage Floors

Prior to pouring your new garage floor we place a steel mat down on 2' centers. This steel mat is then attached by drilling holings to all foundation points to ensure structural integrity.

Basement Floors

Concrete basement floors do not require a steel mat, but glass fibers will be put into the mix to give the floor extra strength.

Heated Concrete Floors

Radiant in-floor heating systems for concrete slabs.
Want to keep your new concrete floor in your basement or garage warm year-round?

Another option for your new concrete floor is to install an in-floor radiant heating system. These systems are meant to help distribute the heat from the ground to help provide an energy-efficient solution for heating basements or garages.

Water Heated Concrete Floor

Will My New Concrete Floor Crack?

TrueCrete takes special precautions by using techniques that control cracks.
Concrete Saw
The one thing concrete floors are guaranteed to do is crack.

During the drying, curing, hardening process, and the bond between the cement paste and the aggregates are not strong enough to withstand the stress. After the concrete has been poured we apply controls joints by using zip strips or by saw cutting the concrete slab.

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