Available Exterior Concrete Finishes

Create your own unique design by choosing from a variety of different concrete finishes.

Straight Broom

  • Standard finish option.
  • Each slab block has a broom pulled from side-to-side.
  • Gives concrete a sharp looking texture.
  • Add a border finish to all edges to define each slab.
  • Can be dyed in different colors to best suit your design.

Broom Swirl

  • A step up from the traditional straight broom finish.
  • Each slab block is troweled twice and then hand swirled with a hand broom in patterns.
  • Gives concrete a beautiful and functional surface.
  • Choose to add a border or not.
  • Can be dyed in different colors to best suit your design.

Exposed Aggregate

If standard concrete with a broom finish is not what you’re looking for, exposed aggregate is a great option.
  • Top layer of concrete is washed off to expose the rock underneath.
  • Changes your standard grey driveway to a natural piece of art that will vary in color depending on the choice of rock used.
  • Choose from popular rock choices like: Brown River Rock, Illinois Glacier and Old Monroe.
  • Should be professionally washed and sealed every 3-5 years.


Stamped concrete can make your concrete one of a kind with its versatility.
  • Choose from multiple colors and patterns to compliment existing landscaping and structures.
  • Achieve the appearance of pavers or natural stone for much less.
  • Perfect finish for patios, pool surrounds, sidewalks and porches.
  • Stamped concrete is high-maintenance and needs to be professionally sealed every 1-2 years.
  • Use stamped concrete together with stained concrete, exposed aggregate or standard concrete to complement the project's design.
Download Our Stamp Patterns Guide


Whether old or new, polish your concrete floors to a high gloss finish that never needs to be waxed or coated.

With concrete's performance, durability and uniqueness it’s no wonder why more homeowners, retail stores, warehouses and office facilities are choosing to polish their floors. The multi-step process makes it easy to achieve the right sheen for your design and needs.


Along with beauty, stained concrete provides excellent UV stability and wear resistance.
  • Two types of stain to choose from: Acid based and water based.
  • Acid stain color typically follow earth tones such as tans, browns, terracotta’s and soft blue- greens.
  • Water based stains come in a much broader spectrum of color.
  • Concrete stains are semi-transparent and used to enhance concrete, not disguise it.
  • Concrete stains will not hide existing stains, cracks or flaws.
  • Not a good solution for existing concrete with major cracks.

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